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[redpop] 6SCWC Program, Posters Deadline, Early Registration

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Boletín RedPop    Marzo, 2011

Se acerca la fecha límite para el envío de propuestas de póster al 6SCWC.
Más información sobre el programa, los invitados especiales, la inscripción y otros detalles, siguen.

Science Across Cultures

The 6SCWC issued a Call for Session proposals which closed in early November. We were overwhelmed to receive more than 100 session proposals for panel discussions, workshops and forum debates from delegates in more than 40 countries.
The 6SCWC International Programme Committee (IPC) met for four days in Cape Town in late November 2010 to carefully review the session proposals and to construct a congress that would meet everyone?s needs. 54 sessions, involving more than 216 delegates as convenors and speakers, have been accepted onto the sessions programme. There are also exciting, interactive demonstrations planned during lunches and teas, and Science Café sessions in the mornings.
Click here to view the list of the accepted sessions and to download the session descriptions.
The 6SCWC Programme structure is now available here. As we draw closer to the time of the congress, you can expect this programme to become more and more detailed!
We currently are in the process of finalising our plenary and invited speaker sessions. Click here to read the profiles of some of our thought-provoking and internationally renowned invited speakers.

The 6SCWC is pleased to announce that a Student Discount is now available. Delegates who will be registered students for the duration of the 6SCWC are eligible to register at a discounted registration rate of ZAR 4 250. Students will be asked to email the 6SCWC Secretariat proof of their student registration at an academic institution. Please note that, like the Early and Discounted 6SCWC registration rates, this offer will close on 3 June 2011, so make sure you register soon!

Call for Posters Submission Deadline: 30 March 2010

Registration  Early (until 3 June 2011)

Congress Opening: 4 September 2011

The 6SCWC International Programme Committee has issued a Call for Posters. The deadline is 30 March 2011. Those interested are invited to propose a poster topic relating to one of the congress sub-themes, and please note that posters do not require international collaboration from three different continents, this is an opportunity for individuals to participate in the poster session.
The Congress Secretariat is available to answer your questions regarding the Call for Posters.
Click here to submit a poster proposal online.

A three-day pre-congress Capacity Building Workshop will be held in Cape Town, 2-4 September 2011, immediately prior to the 6SCWC. This workshop is part of a longer-term programme to develop the future leaders and managers of the science centre field in Africa. Sponsored by the South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) and co-convened by the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA), the Southern African Association of Science and Technology Centres (SAASTEC) and the North Africa and Middle East Science Centers Network (NAMES), this workshop will be supported by an international consortium of science centre networks and institutions.
Click here for more information on the 6SCWC pre-congress workshop.

6SCWC registration is open, with discounts for early registrations and delegates from countries with a low gross national income (GNI).

? All sessions and congress materials
? 2 tea breaks and lunch on congress days
? Congress Opening Session (5 Sept)
? Welcome Reception (4 Sept) and Gala Dinner (7 Sept)
? Evening excursions to Cape Town museums or science centres (5 and 6 Sept)

? Congress Opening Session (5 Sept)
? Welcome Reception (4 Sept) and Gala Dinner (7 Sept)
? Evening excursions to Cape Town museums or science centres
(5 and 6 Sept)
? 2 City Sightseeing Day Tours

Accommodation at the designated congress hotels can also be booked through the registration process.

More information on registration fees and accommodation rates can be found here or download the 6SCWC Invitation to Register here.

Click here to register.

Congress Registration Fees
Registration  Early (until 3 June 2011)  ZAR 5,525.00
Registration  Standard (until 19 August 2011)  ZAR 6,525.00
Registration  Late  ZAR 7,525.00
* ** Registration  Discounted (until 3 June 2011)  ZAR 4,250.00

* Residents of low-GNI (gross national income) countries are eligible for a discounted registration fee. Please click here to determine if your country of residence qualifies as a low-GNI country.

** Delegates who will be registered students for the duration of the 6SCWC are eligible to register at the Discounted rate. Students will be asked to email the 6SCWC Secretariat proof of their student registration at academic institutions.

Pre-Congress Workshop Registration Fees
Registration  ZAR 1,200.00
Includes workshop materials, light refreshments on pre-congress workshop days and the Pre-Congress Workshop Dinner (2 Sept).
Note: The Pre-Congress Workshop Registration Fee has been increased since prior advertising due to an increase in the parameters of the event.

Social Programme Fees
Accompanying Person Package Fees  ZAR 2,500.00

Social Programme  Additional Tickets
Welcome Reception (4 Sept)  ZAR 350.00
Gala Dinner (7 Sept)  ZAR 450.00

Each year the major regional science centre networks organise excellent conferences to cater for the needs of their members, both local and abroad. These conferences have gone from strength to strength, especially since the World Congress first met in Finland in 1996. Why then attend our World Congress in Cape Town, South Africa?
Click here for a message from the 6SCWC Chairman, Professor Mike Bruton, for several reasons to attend a World Congress and the 6SCWC.

We hope that all 6SCWC delegates are preparing themselves for an exciting trip to Cape Town, South Africa. In preparation for your visit to our friendly and vibrant country, the 6SCWC Secretariat has put together some helpful resources to assist with your 6SCWC planning.
If you have some specific questions about the congress arrangements and travelling to Cape Town, South Africa, please visit our FAQ page here.

For a quick overview of what South Africa has to offer visiting 6SCWC delegates, please click here. You?ll find links to South Africa tourism websites and a list of useful 'South African-isms' to learn before the congress, as well as links to photographs of our beautiful country. Don?t forget to visit our Cape Town page here for information on the 'Mother City.'

We have also prepared a Travel and Tours section on the website to ensure that your trip to South Africa is everything you hope it will be. Click here for information on flights to South Africa, here for day tours and here for some useful travel tips.

If you are considering a pre or post congress tour, some members of the 6SCWC International Program Committee (IPC) have already experienced first hand the natural beauty and wildlife adventures that extending your stay in Southern Africa can offer!  Alejandra León Castellá of RedPop and Brenton Honeyman of ASPAC have kindly shared personal accounts of their Southern African adventures, including photos and video.  Click here to see.

The 6SCWC Secretariat looks forward to welcoming you to the 6SCWC and Cape Town, South Africa.

Please do not hesitate to contact us here if you have any questions.

African Agenda

La RED POP, es  una red interactiva que surge de la convocatoria realizada por UNESCO en 1990  y reúne a centros, museos y programas de popularización y divulgación de a  ciencia y la tecnología en América Latina y el Caribe. Funciona  mediantes mecanismos regionales de cooperación que favorecen el intercambio, entrenamietno y aprovechamiento de recursos entre sus miembros. 
A Red-POP é uma rede interativa que surge de uma  convocação realizada pela UNESCO em 1990 e reúne centros, museus e programas de popularização e divulgação da ciência e tecnologia na América Latina e   Caribe. Funciona  mediante mecanismos regionais de cooperação que favorecem o intercâmbio, o treinamento e o aproveitamento de  recursos entre seus membros. 

CIENTEC es miembro fundador, actualmente desempeña la Coordinación del Nodo Central - Norte y es miembro del Consejo Director  de la RED.

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