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[redpop] International Course on Scientific Museography in Spring (16-20 May) CosmoCaixa

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Boletín RedPop    Febrero, 2011

Dear colleague;

Every year since 2004 CosmoCaixa offers an International Course on Scientific Museography in Spring (16-20 May).

The course takes an in-depth look into how science museums are conceived through conversations between museologists, experts, designers and architects, from the statement of intent to the day of opening. *Total Museology*, as it is called, seeks to build upon the idea that museums are instruments of social change in the era of globalisation, sustainability and the quest for harmony between civilization and nature. The course affords the opportunity to directly experience *best practices*, whether visible or not from inside museums, through a veritable immersion in CosmoCaixa.

Total Museology has been applied in approximately twenty large scientific exhibitions and is currently being applied in several brand new museum projects. These include the Museum of the Antarctic in Punta Arenas (Chile), the Museum of the Woods of Catalonia in Montseny (Spain), the Archimedes Museum in Syracuse (Italy), the Montevideo Science Museum (Uruguay) and the Climate Museum in Lleida (Spain).

The course has been recommended by a new institution: EMA, the European Museum Academy, particularly for professionals in planning, designing and building exhibitions and museums.

Welcome to this new edition of the course.

Best regards,

Jorge Wagensberg
Scientific Director of the *la Caixa* Foundation

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A Red-POP é uma rede interativa que surge de uma  convocação realizada pela UNESCO em 1990 e reúne centros, museus e programas de popularização e divulgação da ciência e tecnologia na América Latina e   Caribe. Funciona  mediante mecanismos regionais de cooperação que favorecem o intercâmbio, o treinamento e o aproveitamento de  recursos entre seus membros. 

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