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[redpop] UWE Masterclass in Science Communication (application deadline: 21st December 2009)

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Boletín RedPop  Octubre, 2009

The Science Communication Unit at the University of the West of England is delighted to announce the next instalment of our annual Masterclass in Science Communication.  Further details are provided below or visit for more information.

UWE Masterclass in Science Communication (application deadline: 21st December 2009)

The Masterclass is a five-day intensive course in Science Communication and draws on the existing expertise of the team that delivers UWE?s popular and practical Masters in Science Communication. It has been designed to provide professional development in the field of Science Communication.

The closing date for registration is Friday 21st December 2009.  Places are already going fast, and based on previous experience are likely to be booked up very quickly, so it is advisable to book as soon as possible.

Previous Masterclasses have been very successful, with international delegates from a variety of professional backgrounds.  One previous delegate wrote, Thank you for such an amazing time at the science communication course last week. I had such a brilliant time and met a lot of really great people. It was informative and interactive, and honestly for the first time ever I came away from professional development thinking that what I achieved and what you marketed were one and the same - the course certainly did what it said on the tin!

For further details, including an indicative programme and registration form, please visit:  If you have any queries about the Masterclass or would like to be kept informed about future opportunities please

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O CIENTEC é membro fundador e atualmente ocupa a Direção Executiva da RED.

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