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[redpop] PILOTS multilingual bibliography on explainers

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Boletín   marzo, 2009

Solicitud de bibliografía sobre el trabajo con MEDIADORES, en diferentes idiomas.

Por favor. responder directamente al encargado.
Más información del programa, dentro del boletín.

PILOTS multilingual bibliography on explainers

Dear Ms Leon-Castellà,

I had your address from Paola Rodari, with whom I work in the framework of a European Gruntvig project, led by Ecsite: PILOTS,  Professionalisation in Learning Technology and Science (find more information in the attached file). I?m working to an international multilingual bibliography about museum explainers and cultural mediation in science centres and museums.

I would be very grateful if you could share with us any kind of information and materials useful to explore the state of the art of the field: books and papers references, web-links, meeting proceedings, journals' devoted issues, master/graduation/diploma thesis, training programmes and related meetings and conferences, etc.  We are interested in documents in all languages.

We are about to build up an archive as complete as possible, that will be published online and at disposition of all interested people. The website will be on at this address ( within about a month. We will publish also pdf or electronic versions of the materials, when available and with a creative commons status.

Thanking you in advance and waiting for your kind reply or for any information request
Best regards

Gianfilippo Parenti

Professionalisation in Learning Technology and Science
Pilots is a two years project with the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union. It is coordinated by Ecsite, and the partners are: Technopolis®, the Flemish Science Center in Mechelen, Belgium; La Cité des sciences et de l?industrie in Paris, France; Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, Italy; SISSA Medialab in Trieste, Italy; Ciência Viva - Pavilion of Knowledge in Lisbon, Portugal and House of Experiments in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

PILOTS intends to follow two principal lines of action:

1. the collection of data on European practices concerning explainers;
2. the planning and testing of training modules to enhance the role of explainers in lifelong learning in science, with particular attention to the new needs of explainers in response to the requirements of adult learners: facilitating dialogue and discussion, tackling controversial and sensitive issues, taking into account gender differences and presenting current research.

Four European courses on these topics will be organized during the two year project. The project aims to contribute substantially to the updating of explainers modes of interactions with adults in informal learning settings at a European level.

The project will involve the partner institutions extensively, but will also involve a larger community, through two important channels:
1. Ecsite, the European Network of Science Centres and Museums, coordinator of the project, with its 385 members; under the Ecsite framework a special Interest Group on explainers has also begun to operate;
2. the web platform resource; a permanent online tool for the learning community of explainers, that will remain active after the end of the project thanks to the Ecsite Special Interest Group for Explainers (THE Group).

The Pilots webplatform will host a wide variety of pedagogical material, gathered and produced by the project, and supporting the European community of explainers. Available via this webplatform will be the results of research into the role of the explainer, carried out as an integral part of the project.

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