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[redpop] Financial Support Available to Attend the ASTC Annual Conference, October 18-21

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Boletín   Junio, 2008

Financial Support Available to Attend the ASTC Annual Conference, October 18-21
Do you know a colleague who should attend the ASTC conference but can?t afford to? Tell them how easy it is to apply for the Lee Kimche McGrath Worldwide Fellowship that supports participation in the Philadelphia conference by individuals from science centers and museums outside the United  States. The purpose of the Fellowship is to foster greater understanding among international colleagues and encourage global participation in ASTC. The award provides complimentary registration and up to U.S.$1,500 toward travel expenses for a professional who has genuine need for financial assistance in order to attend the conference. Applicants do not need to be from ASTC-member institutions. Previous recipients have hailed from Mauritius, Indonesia, Panama, and Philippines. Applications are due by June 30. Selection criteria and an application form are available at

If people have questions, they can contact me or Walter Staveloz.
Thanks so much!
Bonnie VanDorn
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La RED POP, es  una red interactiva que surge de la convocatoria realizada por UNESCO en 1990  y reúne a centros, museos y programas de popularización y divulgación de a  ciencia y la tecnología en América Latina y el Caribe. Funciona  mediantes mecanismos regionales de cooperación que favorecen el intercambio, entrenamietno y aprovechamiento de recursos entre sus miembros. 

CIENTEC es miembro fundador y actualmente  ocupa la Dirección Ejecutiva de la RED.

A Red-POP é uma rede interativa que surge de uma  convocação realizada pela UNESCO em 1990 e reúne centros, museus e programas de popularização e divulgação da ciência e tecnologia na América Latina e   Caribe. Funciona  mediante mecanismos regionais de cooperação que favorecem o intercâmbio, o treinamento e o aproveitamento de  recursos entre seus membros. 

O CIENTEC é membro fundador e atualmente ocupa a Direção Executiva da RED.

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