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[redpop] 5SCWC: Early Registration Rate Deadline - March 30

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Boletín   marzo 2008

Dear Science Centre Colleague,

This is a reminder that less than a month remains to save $100 on registration for the Fifth Science Centre World Congress (5SCWC). Delegate fees are $700 CAD for registrations received before the early bird deadline of March 30, 2008. After this date, registration is $800 CAD ($900 on site). We encourage all participants to complete their congress registrations and hotel reservations without delay, as June is a busy month and hotel rooms will be limited.

Also, don?t forget to register for the one-and-a-half day program at Science North in Sudbury. Registration includes transportation to and from Sudbury on a deluxe highway coach, admission to the sessions, shuttle service from congress hotels, two lunches, the Northern Ontario Dinner/Party and dinner in the Science Centre for $129 CAD (early bird price).

(If you have already registered, thank you!)

Late breaking news: One of the world?s most influential human rights advocates, Stephen Lewis will speak at the conference on Tuesday, June 17th on the theme of social responsibility and citizen engagement. In 2005 TIME named him one of the 100 Most Influential People In The World. The former United Nations Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, Lewis is the recipient of the Pearson Peace Medal for his work in the field of international service and understanding.

Stephen Lewis joins the exciting lineup of previously confirmed keynote presenters: Jennifer Corriero (Building the Future); and Sheila Watt-Cloutier and Dr. Mohammed Hassan (Planet Earth: Living On It, Changing It, Sustaining It).

More program updates are coming. Be sure to visit our site regularly to for all the most recent changes and announcements.

Yours truly,

5th Science Centre World Congress - 5SCWC

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5th Science Centre World Congress | June 15-20, 2008 | Toronto, Canada

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