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[redpop] 5SCWC, Toronto, Canada, 15 - 19 junio, 2008

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Boletín   setiembre 2007

5th Science Centres World Congress (5SCWC)
Science Centres As Agents of Change

The Countdown is On!

Mark your calendars for June 15 to 19, 2008 when the Ontario Science Centre will host the 5SCWC.  Science centre leaders from around the world will gather in Toronto to share ideas and explore the themes of Planet Earth /Sustainability; Citizen Engagement/ social responsibility; and the role of science centres in creating the future.  A declaration of issues and trends in our field will be released publicly during the Congress.

The 5SCWC will provide an enriching program of keynotes, plenaries, parallel sessions and engaging social activities.   The June 15th welcome reception will showcase the transformed Ontario Science Centre including the Weston Family Innovation Centre, an edgy experience area for youth aged 14 to 24, TELUSCAPE, an outdoor exploration plaza, and three permanent art installations that reflect the fusion of art and science.

Just confirmed are exciting keynote speakers including:

Following the Congress, delegates can participate in an optional two-day program at Science North in Sudbury with sessions including:  Assessing the Visitor Experience; Immersive Visitor Experiences; and Connecting with the Community.

The 5SCWC is a Green Congress. The Ontario Science Centre will minimize the environmental footprint of the event, reducing the consumption of resources at all stages. The Toronto Convention Centre and designated hotels have strong environmental policies and aggressive waste and energy reduction strategies.  Electronic communications methods pre- and during- congress will reduce paper usage.  A green levy  is included in all registrations. These levies will be applied to the purchase of carbon emission reduction credits in order to present a carbon neutral congress.

Online registration will begin in mid-October 2007.  Early bird delegate fees are $700 for registrations received before March 30, 2008.  For more information, visit the congress website at and register to receive automatic future updates.

The 5th Science Centre World Congress is a not to be missed opportunity for stimulating dialogue and networking with industry colleagues.  Come join us next June in Toronto!


La RED POP, es  una red interactiva que surge de la convocatoria realizada por UNESCO en 1990  y reúne a centros, museos y programas de popularización y divulgación de a  ciencia y la tecnología en América Latina y el Caribe. Funciona  mediantes mecanismos regionales de cooperación que favorecen el intercambio, entrenamietno y aprovechamiento de recursos entre sus miembros. 

CIENTEC es miembro fundador y actualmente  ocupa la Dirección Ejecutiva de la RED.

A Red-POP é uma rede interativa que surge de uma  convocação realizada pela UNESCO em 1990 e reúne centros, museus e programas de popularização e divulgação da ciência e tecnologia na América Latina e   Caribe. Funciona  mediante mecanismos regionais de cooperação que favorecem o intercâmbio, o treinamento e o aproveitamento de  recursos entre seus membros. 

O CIENTEC é membro fundador e atualmente ocupa a Direção Executiva da RED.

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