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[redpop] Call for Session Proposals - 5SCWC, Toronto, Canada

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Boletín   marzo 2007

5th Science Centre World Congress - 5SCWC
Ontario Science Centre, Toronto

We  are pleased to announce the opening of the web site for the 5th Science Centre World Congress - 5SCWC, taking place June 15-20, 2008 in Toronto: . Under the theme *Science Centres as Agents of Change* the congress will bring together science centre leaders from around the globe for a full program including invited keynote speakers, parallel and poster sessions. The congress is hosted by the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto and will include an optional one day program at Science North in Sudbury.

We invite you to submit a proposal for a session as part of the congress program, linking one or more of the congress sub-themes. Given the global nature of this event and the expected participants, preference will be given to those submissions which include presenters from at least 3 different international regions and which target CEOs and decision makers.

The session proposal submission form and full details are available on the congress web site (
Do not delay! The deadline for receipt of proposals is April 15, 2007.

We are committed to hosting a green 5SCWC. This means that there will be no printed advance program information.  The website being launched today will be the main vehicle for promoting the Congress. There will be regular updates to the information on the site and you will be informed by email when key pieces of new information are added.

Please pass the weblink on to colleagues and ask them to register their interest in receiving updates.

For further information regarding the congress or about travel to Toronto, please visit our site.  JPdL Toronto Inc. is providing conference planning services for the World Congress.  Future emails will come from

5th Science Centre World Congress
5SCWC Congress Office - JPdL
2 Berkeley Street, Suite 500
Toronto, ON, M5A 4J5

Tel: +1 416 221-5679
Fax: +1 416 221-6372

See you in Toronto in 2008.

Suzanne McQueen
Executive Conference Coordinator


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CIENTEC es miembro fundador y actualmente  ocupa la Dirección Ejecutiva de la RED.

A Red-POP é uma rede interativa que surge de uma  convocação realizada pela UNESCO em 1990 e reúne centros, museus e programas de popularização e divulgação da ciência e tecnologia na América Latina e   Caribe. Funciona  mediante mecanismos regionais de cooperação que favorecem o intercâmbio, o treinamento e o aproveitamento de  recursos entre seus membros. 

O CIENTEC é membro fundador e atualmente ocupa a Direção Executiva da RED.

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