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Boletín   agosto 2006

Como parte de los programas, les enviamos copia del boletín del *Proyecto sobre el Impacto de los Centros de Ciencia*, iniciativa apoyada por centros y museos de la Cooperación Asia-Pacífico, en cooperación con las redes internacionales de ASPAC, ASTC y Red Pop.

Les invitamos a suscribirse directamente al boletín, para mantenerse informados de las novedades.


Update 13 for Participating Institutions
July 2006
What contributions are science centres and museums making in  your community? What best-practice or innovative approaches are working  well in other science centres and museums? This is a monthly update on the  APEC Science Centre Impact Project, in which your organisation has agreed  to participate. Do contact us if you have a story to share!

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The  challenges of representing global warming in science museums
This thesis examines how science museums in the  United States and Canada are creating socially responsible programming,  using global warming as a case study. The research focuses on the  challenges inherent in exhibiting global warming and other contentious  issues, and the creative ways such difficulties have been addressed by  various types of science museums. In particular, this paper describes  exhibition techniques found to be successful in imparting motivational  conservation messages to museum visitors. Partnering between museums and  with major environmental organizations is shown to be effective in bringing climate change information to the science museum audience, and  inspiring and equipping those visitors to make a difference.
Link to the thesis (384 kB, pdf)

Engaging science
A new book entitled Engaging Science: thoughts,  deeds, analysis and action has been published by the Wellcome Trust.  Featuring essays from leading researchers, practitioners and commentators,  this book examines what we have learned about the relationships between  these groups and what the implications are for future practice. Topics  include public attitudes to science, how audiences form attitudes about emerging technologies, and a guide for successfully evaluating science  engagement events.
Download individual chapters

New on our website
For a summary of what?s new on the website  each month, use the link below. Previous issues of this monthly update  are also archived here.
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For further information, contact:
 APEC Science Centre Impact Project Secretariat
 Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre
 King Edward Terrace, Canberra ACT 2600, Australia

La RED POP, Red de popularización de la Ciencia y la Tecnología, surge de la convocatoria realizada por UNESCO en 1990 a los diferentes grupos y programas relacionados a la divulgación en ciencias y tecnología, muchos de los cuales hoy la integran.  CIENTEC es miembro fundador y actualmente ocupa la Dirección Ejecutiva de la RED.

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